My first post here!!!

I am waking up with spring. Nature is calling me, I am thirsty for fresh air and new photos.
After a few months of darkness and extremely unsuccessful photo trips
(the skies was turning dark with a thick layer of clouds). I am so happy
to finally enjoy the sun and warmth!
And this morning …
This morning was frosty, the temperature dropped below -5 degrees.
Unfortunately there was no frost at all, because the land is very dry.
Nature is begging for rain, at least for the slightest drop. As soon as
the plant vegetation started, it seems like it stopped in one spot.
Roads and roadsides are covered with a thick layer of dust. When I’m
crouching to take a picture of flowers I’m breathing dry and dusty air.
Pasque flowers are leaned and shrunk. It seems that the drought is near.
This is the picture I took today. 

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