Last year I didn't knew how to take a good picture of lightning. After a few practices at storm chasing (I belong to a small group of people called SKYCHASERS LT) I learned my mistakes. First pictures of lightning wasn't good because I used too long exposure, focused to the wrong subjects in the background. This year, after I learned my mistakes, first storm chasing was more then perfect. I managed to capture everything in the "tack sharp" details. The main image is actually a crop of full size image. Here is full size comparison:

As you can see the crop I made is huge, but the lightning itself looks amazing, so to make bigger impact to the viewer I chose to crop the main lightnings. I always like to show everything a little bit closer... Main settings for capturing lightning when there is still enough light arround: Tv - 2,5 sec, Av - f/5.6, ISO - 320, when it gets darker, or lightnings get stronger you need to play with exposure and lower ISO.

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